Personal Payday Loans And Installment Loans

Installment and personal payday loans: 2 types of loans in a nutshell

Personal loans are the type of small crediting for individuals, as opposed to loans taken out by companies, corporations, start-ups and other non-physical entities. There exist several types of personal loans, and payday loans is one of them.

The typical characteristics of something we are used to calling ”payday loan” is their speedy approval and delivery. They are excellent when you need money ”for yesterday”, when you have an imperfect credit score or when other solutions are not feasibly optioned.

Installment loans

Installment loans are a type of personal loans issued with the purpose to help pay other debts, possibly several outstanding debts or debts with higher interest.

Personal payday loans

Payday loans is a popular form of short-term unsecured crediting. This is one of the many types of personal loans available to individuals these days, and its major benefit is fast approval.

What are installment loans?

Installment loans are short-term loans provided without any security to borrowers who would like to consolidate several debts or skip expensively priced outstanding debt. The benefits of such loans are difficult to overestimate: you practically abolish the draconian fees applied to your currrent loan. An installment loan is a way to take a load off your chest.

When does this work best? Whenever you are certain that you will be able to pay back the installment loan, otherwise the debt situation will repeat itself.

Installment loans for bad credit

What to do if you have been less than scrupulous with your repayments? First of all, installment loans are designed with bad credit borrowers in mind. It is logical that if you have problems repaying a debt on time, you might have a low credit score. Thus, installment loans are intended for delinquent payers to help them get out of the vicious cycle of indebtedness, rollovers and ”churning” (paying only the interest and rolling over on the principal repayment).

Popular questions about payday loan types

Q: Bad credit personal loans not payday loans?

A: Payday loan is a type of personal loan with its specific set of pros and cons. Their disadvantage is that they are on the expensive side. However, they offer good value for ttheir price. Their pros are same day approval, money desposited directly to your account within a few working hours, and bad credit compatibility. You also do not need to provide any security against them.

Q: Which statement about installment loans is not true?

A: Many lenders claim they have no credit check; this is usually not true. Every company scans credit history, but some of them don’t mind signing up borrowers with low credit score – albeit for extra risk charges.

Q: How to get out of high interest installment loans?

A: You accumulate several expensive loans under one cheaper or shorter loan. This helps you save money, but only given that you repay your installment loan on its maturity date.

Q: Where can I get a personal loan when I have payday loans and poor credit?

A: At our website, you will find hundreds of lenders specializing in bad credit applicants. They guarantee the approval within several minutes following the application. We will answer your questions, if any, concerning installment and other types of unsecured personal loans.