Privacy Policy

We protect your data

The confidentiality of user data is one of our biggest priorities. You can learn about the purposes of collecting user information, processing and storing it, in the paragraphs that follow. To ensure that you use this website with maximal safety and benefits, please read the information on this page with all due attention.


In the process of using this website, you will be asked to submit sensitive and general information about yourself.

We gather the following information from you, personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information.

Personal data represents the technical-legal instrument through which national legislators protect all the rights connected to personal identity, therefore it is a second-degree legal asset.

Personal data is any information (e.g. name) concerning an identified or identifiable natural person, even indirectly, or information (e.g. tax code, fingerprint, telephone traffic, image, voice) concerning a person whose identity can however be ascertained through additional information. The person to whom the data subject to processing refers is defined as "interested". It is important to keep in mind that the data subject can only be a natural person, and not a company.

A data is considered personal if it allows the identification of the individual or if it describes the individual in such a way as to allow identification by acquiring other data. Both types of data are equally protected. By identification, therefore, we mean the possibility of distinguishing the person from any other subject or within a category. If identification requires the acquisition of additional data for which unreasonable time and costs are required, then the person cannot be considered identifiable. However, it is not necessary to reach a high level of identification (let's think of the names that correspond to several people) for the data to be subject to protection. Identifiable is the person who can also be identified by reference to further elements.

Therefore personal data is a dynamic concept, which must always refer to the context, in the sense that even if an isolated information is not able to lead to the identification of an individual, the fact that this information can be used for identification by crossing with other data, however, it determines the nature of personal data.

Furthermore, the information does not need to be able to physically identify you for it to be considered personal data. For example, we use tracking techniques to be able to identify an individual among many online surfers, but these techniques do not allow the physical identification of the person. They identify the browser or digital device through which the person surf the net. These data (like cookies) are also considered personal data in our Privacy Policy.

Unidentifiable data are those data that have been deprived of all identifying elements. Unidentifiable data are not considered personal data, and therefore are not subject to the rules for the protection of personal data.

Once the purpose of the processing has been exhausted, can be kept for statistical, historical or scientific purposes. In this case, we apply appropriate technical and personnel measures against possible data misuse.


The user data collection enables us to provide the services that we declare to be available on this website, as well as with the purpose of market analysis, technical surveys, management of the website and improving the quality of services.

The personally identifiable information that you provide is verified by lenders. The affiliate services, our partners, and other parties that are accredited to have access to personal information of our users can be granted this access for the purpose of providing the services, performing analytical tasks, and improving the technical support of the website.

Personally identifiable information about users can be shared under circumstances required by law, in full or in part, if and when the request by the relevant authorities is made.

In case our website is sold to a third party and should the new business owner changes the policies applied to user privacy, completely or in part, the updated version of this Privacy Policy will be published and users will be notified about the changes via email.


By submitting your personal information, you agree to let us share it with the third parties with the purposes stated on the website, i.e. assisting you in finding a lender. To this end, we must share the data about applicants in its fullness. This is the legal requirement that all lenders abide by, as this enables them to provide the services that you request from them.


Our website contains external links that lead to third-party resources. These links are provided either as references or acknowledgement of a third-party copyright. When you leave this website, you are no longer protected by the Privacy Policy our company, and enter into a new agreement of handling the user information if and when you choose to share your personally identifiable information with the third-party resource.


The data collection of potential and existing customers is a fundamental activity for all companies, since it is the basis on which they will build their respective marketing strategies, and our company is not any different in this regard. We use the data you share with us for statistical analysis, for determining the demand on the market, and finding better ways to meet user needs and expectations in order to improve our competitive potential.

We can use your contact information for getting in touch with you in order to collect the feedback about the provided services, offer follow-up services or products, and/or inform you about current or upcoming deals.


The principle of integrity and confidentiality establishes that data must always be processed in such a way as to guarantee adequate security.

In this sense, we employ adequate technical and organizational security measures to protect the data from unauthorized or illegal processing, from their loss or destruction or from accidental damage. The safety of using this site does not only concern the data, ie the final product, but the entire treatment cycle.

Obligations are imposed on the data controller that go beyond the duties of the custodian, providing for the provision of adequate IT structures to minimize the risks of destruction, loss or unauthorized access to your data.


According to the current legislation that regulates the issuing of payday loans, we work only with U.S. citizens applying for loans in their state of residency.


Our website does not provide services for minors. In the loan legislature, the age of minority is defined as 18, but in some states citizens younger than 23 years of age are consider minors.

If you are a custodian of a minor who have shared their information with us despite of the clear rules stated on this and other pages of this website, contact us with a request to remove the data.


Users are going to be notified about any eventual changes to this Privacy Policy in the event of their introduction. Such notice will be displayed in a visible area of the website, as well as this page, and followed-up by a personal notification sent to user’s email address.


You can ask any questions related to the safety of your data as a user of this website by sending us an email.