Virginia Payday Loans and Cash Advances

A payday loan is an unsecured short term credit issued to individuals in need of urgent money. Our company specializes in arranging guaranteed approval for payday loans in Virginia with bad credit history and other situations.

Are payday loans legal in Virginia?

Payday loans issued for borrowers in the amounts up to $500 for the term of two payment periods at APR under 687.76% are deemed legal in the state of Virginia.

How to get a payday loan in Virginia

When you choose between applying for a payday loan at the office or online, keep in mind that digital applications are popular for a reason: they are faster, less effort-consuming and more often approved. You also get access to the entire database of payday loan lenders in the state and can choose a company charging the lowest fees.

You need to be a resident of the state to apply for a loan in Virginia, an American citizen and an adult of 18 or older. You also need to have a steady job or any other source of income, a checking or a savings account and a valid email.

Be prepared to provide full information about yourself and submit the required documents (a state-issued ID, payslips, etc.). We will get back to you with almost guaranteed approval within a few minutes after applying. You can expect the money to come into your account or credit card already on the next day.

What are the minimal and maximal loans I can count on in Virginia?

The minimal sum of a payday loan is not fixed in the statute, but the maximal amount payable to one borrower at a time is limited by $500.

What motivates Virginia citizens to apply for a loan?

When you apply for a loan, you are not required to specify the purpose you need money for. According to statistics though collected anonymously, borrowers apply for this kind of crediting whenever an urgent financial need presents itself. Thus, a payday loan may be taken out to pay utility bills that have been piling up for a while, to go on a holiday trip, to pay for car repairs or to buy a big-ticket item.

Users often ask us:

How many payday loans can you have in Virginia?

In Virginia, you can take out several loans consecutively: you need to wait out the cooling-off period of 24 hours before taking out loans 2, 3, 4 and 5, and 45 days after loan number 5 for 6 months. If the payment plan was implemented, 90 days cooling-off period should follow.

How many payday loans can you have at once in Virginia?

You can only have one loan at a time in Virginia.

What is the statute of limitations for payday loans in Virginia?

The payday loan lending activity in the state of Virginia is regulated by Va. Code Ann. §§ 6.2-1800 et seq.

What payday loans are legal in Virginia?

In Virginia, payday loans up to $500 issued for a period of two payment terms.

Where to get payday loans in Virginia?

You can apply at a physical office of a chosen lender, or online. Online applications quickly become the preferred form, since you can compare rates off multiple lenders and your request goes out to a magnitude of licensees. The entire process takes less than 1 hour, and in certain cases, you can get the money already on the same day.

Here is how you calculate APR for your loan

The exact cost of your loan can be calculated using these simple steps:

  1. Divide the APR in its number form by 365 (number of days in the year)
  2. Multiply the result by the number of days in the loan term
  3. Multiply the result received in the previous step by the outstanding loan to calculate the cost of the loan
  4. Add up the result from the previous step to the loan principle to arrive at the total repayment due upon the maturity date

For instance, you are taking out a loan of $500 for a total of 60 days at APR 670%. Using the formula above, your calculation process should be like this:



  • Loan Amount: $500
  • Loan Term: 60 days
  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate): 670%
  • Total Repayments: $1,050.68
  • Cost of Loan: $550.68

If you are still having any questions, we are ready to answer them within the shortest time frame. Send your questions about payday loans in Virginia to our customer support using the form on our Contacts page – your attention is valuable to us!