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Payday loans with benefits: informed decisions

This website was created to make the most relevant information on the credit market available to our customers. By consulting his page, those who turn to us to identify a loan from among the various proposals of banks and affiliated institutions can learn more about the loan sector in general, and make the choice of the most appropriate product for their needs.

The analysis of the credit sector presented on these pages reports information on the type and availability of loan requests in the U.S. and by state. Here, we provide such data as the amount and average duration of the loans, the most widespread purposes, the offers most popular among our users. A cross-section thus emerges useful for orienting yourself among the different possibilities compared on the site. In the corresponding sections, you can also find a daily updated list of the best loans of the day based on the purpose.

The site reveals trends and timely data and responds to a growing demand for information from our users. The materials available from us promote responsible and informed use of loans; saving on a loan is possible and very simple, just compare online.

In addition to the purpose of the loan, the data of our website are grouped on the basis of a territorial criterion so as to provide timely and precise information on the characteristics of the requests made by users depending on the state in which they reside, highlighting trends and any deviations from the national averages.

With us, you have access to the best rates in a simple and fast way: make fill out an application and immediately find the loan that best suits your needs!

Lenders we work with

Our website provided access to the best lending storefronts in the country, state by state. We take the guesswork out of the equation for you: we have already run a thorough check on the lenders across the country, picking up the best-rate lenders from the legally accredited players. All you have to do is to fill out the application and wait several minutes to see the list of crediting companies ready to approve your application. You will then have to choose the lender with the most attractive fees and terms of repayment.

Payday loans and credit score

In brick-and-mortar crediting companies, it is traditional to reject an applicant based on their loan history. With online applications, the credit history is also carried out – simply because it is a regular legal procedure. However, what is different is that we work with lenders who do not base their decision on your past as a borrower. Every new loan is a clean slate on this website. We work with applicants with no credit history, bad credit history, and low income – every kind of credit is welcome.

Delayed payments

Once you have obtained a personal loan, it is necessary to pay close attention to the expiry of the installments, which normally have monthly frequency. But what happens if you pay an installment late or in case of non-payment? To know the consequences in advance, just read the pre-contract and / or the contract signed with the lender or with the financial intermediary, which lists the obligations to which the consumer must comply and which also indicates the extent of the penalties in cases obligations are not respected.

The delayed payment of one or more debts on the expiry date set in the contract first of all entails an increase in interest because a default of the amount defined in the contract is applied. In some cases, if the delay leads to the use of entities in charge of credit recovery, the entity that provided the loan may also ask the consumer for the costs incurred for the recovery interventions. However, the extreme consequence that is encountered is represented by the possibility, for the bank or for the financial company, to invoke the unilateral termination of the contract for default, requiring the debtor to immediately repay the capital and any accrued expenses.

What happens if you miss payment

Unpaid debts will all lead to the same result. The usual outcome is the injunction. This order is issued by a judge following a direct request from the creditor and then notified to the debtor by a bailiff. The payment order provides for a deadline to settle the debt (usually 40 days). After this period, the protracted insolvency leads to a forced recovery of the credit, which affects the debtor's assets through foreclosure.

To get out of this situation, it is possible to propose a repayment plan through legal channels that provides for a new deferral of payment. Its implementation, however, is subject to acceptance by the creditor and is therefore not taken for granted.


In some cases debt renewal (rollovers) are allowed. In some states, rollovers are not allowed, and in the majority of states, the number of permitted rollovers is limited. We recommend that you do not use this possibility, because it is easy to slide into “churning” – paying off the interest rate every month, but not paying the outstanding debt, thus increasing the cost of the debt exponentially with every day of the delayed principal payment.

Debt recovery

This is a solution that is put in place if the friendly reminder first and then the simple formal notice have not brought the expected results. This means that the debtor has maintained its state of default, failing to pay several installments consecutively and the related default interest.

Debt recovery (also read how to defend against debt collection) is entrusted to an internal office of the credit institution or to an external agency, responsible for contacting the debtor and collecting the amount due. Often it is these subjects who follow the process in its entirety, from the telephone reminder to the use of subsequent methods. We are therefore talking about a company branch in charge of specifically following cases that do not find spontaneous resolution in a short time (such as the debtor who spontaneously declares his own temporary insolvency and seeks an agreement with the creditor).