Wisconsin Payday Loans and Cash Advance

Our website specializes in payday loans to people in Wisconsin, including borrowers with previous bad credit history. Applying through our website helps to choose from lenders with the lowest rates. You also get approved with a guarantee, and your rights as a customer are protected and made a priority at every stage of working with us.

Are payday loans legal in Wisconsin?

The state of Wisconsin deems payday loans as legal. The regulations apply: loans should not exceed $500 and be issued for a term equal to or lesser than two payment periods. APR is not capped by the state.

How to get a payday loan in Wisconsin

Applying for a payday loan in Wisconsin online is fairly easy. The entire process is drawn to four steps:

  1. Fill out a form on our website, providing accurate information about your name, address, employer and your next payment;
  2. Submit the required papers: scan or take pictures of your valid state-issued ID, contract or payslips for the last 3 months;
  3. Apply and wait for the system to match you with a lender ready to approve your candidacy;
  4. Upon approval (our system guarantees approval for all customers meeting the basic requirements), you will be sent a notification and the money will be deposited in your account the next working day.

Basic requirements for a payday loan in Wisconsin:

  • age of 18 and above
  • U.S. citizenship
  • residency in the state
  • regular income
  • valid bank account
  • valid email address

What are the minimal and maximal loans I can count on in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, you can have an outstanding loan plus fees of up to $1,500, with no minimum loan amount limits.

What motivates Wisconsin citizens to apply for a loan?

What do you do when your car breaks down, and a no-show at work means you get sacked? What if an unexpected dentistry bill leaves you strapped for cash, and it’s full three weeks until your next payslip? Or there is a hot vacation deal for a once in a lifetime trip for your entire family to enjoy, and you just need to pay for it now? Payday loans are the answer to solving many problems of consumers, but you do not have to specify what you are going to use the money for. Those are just the most popular reasons quoted by borrowers in Wisconsin, but you are perfectly entitled to have yours!

Users often ask us:

What is the statute of limitations for payday loans (in Wisconsin)?

The statute regulating payday loans in Wisconsin is Wis. Stat. 138.14.

For how long can payday loans keep charging interest on a loan (in Wisconsin)?

Given that one rollover is permitted by the state, it means that the interest rate can be applied for 180 days (90+90). After that, a repayment plan can be requested for 12 months and 4 equal installments.

What is the statute of limitations for checks to payday loans?

According to the current statute regulating payday loan lending activities, no loan should exceed $1,500 of total repayment sum. The maximal loan term is 90 days. No APR limits are fixed.

How many payday loans can you have in Wisconsin?

The number of loans is not limited by the state, but the sum of all outstanding loans should not exceed the maximal loan limit of $1,500.

Here is how you calculate APR for your loan

If you want to calculate the cost of your loan, you need to first calculate the interest applied to the entire loan duration. To do so, divide APR by 365 (days in a year) and multiply it by the number of days until the debt maturity. Multiply the result by the loan amount.

For instance, a loan of $300 issued for 30 days at APR 410% would cost:

  • Loan Amount: $300
  • Loan Term: 30 days
  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate): 410%
  • Total Repayments: $401.09
  • Cost of Loan: $101.09