Terms And Conditions


This Website, although possibly integrated into other sites in a "co-branded" mode and / or adapted for mobile devices, is a credit brokerage company independent of any banking group, which allows consumers to obtain information and compare quotes for financing products, and then eventually enter contact with the financial institutions that supply these products, as better specified below (the "Service").

The Service allows users to make an immediate and transparent comparison between the various personal loan offers, made available by those banks and financial intermediaries with which the Company has entered into commercial agreements (the affiliated institutions). It is understood that the Service is limited to the connection of banks and financial intermediaries with customers for the purpose of granting loans, but does not guarantee the actual disbursement of the requested loans.

If a feasibility request for a specific affiliated institution may be incompatible with the evaluation parameters of that institute, the request may be forwarded us to any other affiliated institution which can formulate an alternative financing offer for the customer, free of charge and without obligation.

The Service also allows, at the request of users, to obtain updated financing estimates and refinancing proposals for any existing loans. Lastly, the Service provides for the presentation to consumers of any products and / or services related to credit or the specific purposes of the loans requested, as well as the connection, in relation to such products and / or services, of consumers with the suppliers of the same.

For activities related to the connection of users with affiliated institutions, our Website operates in accordance with current legislation as a credit broker, providing an occasional service, characterized by the absence of costs and obligations for consumers. In this regard, it is recommended to consult the information on transparency.


This Website specifies that the calculations made regarding the installments, as well as the amortization plan and the general conditions of the loan agreements, are the result of the information provided by the affiliated institutions, reworked completely independently by our Website. Although every effort is made, the complexity of the mathematical issues, as well as the different needs of credit institutions and the fluctuations of the interest rate market, concretely determine the possibility that the proposed offer to the user does not correspond perfectly to the final loan offer formulated by the institute. Our Website is therefore not responsible for any inequalities between the quoted offer and the final offer of the credit institutions.

Our Website also points out that where it indicates, based on the information provided by the user, the best offers, it uses the APR (Annual Global Equivalent Rate) as the only criterion, calculated as defined by law on usury. The aforementioned criterion is, in the opinion of our Website, the most suitable tool for a comparison between the various loan offers. However, this does not mean that other and different criteria may be used or preferred by users who, therefore, are invited to a personal comparative evaluation.

Finally, our Website specifies that the offer made to the user constitutes only a hypothetical, albeit probable, financing estimate; in fact, the possibility of credit institutions to refuse the disbursement of the loan remains unaffected. In this regard, this Website declines any responsibility, since the Site is a simple web showcase, suitable for meeting the request for financing of potential customers, elaborated on the basis of the information provided by them, and the offer of credit institutions, also elaborated based on the information provided by the latter.

It should be noted that the financing offers presented on the Site are those made available to the customers of our Website by the affiliated financial institutions. These offers can be customized for the specific distribution channel, also by granting special and / or derogated economic conditions; therefore, these offers may not be found on the sites of the affiliated institutions.



The user undertakes to use the Site and the Service for legitimate purposes and in compliance with the laws and regulations in force, as well as the Conditions of Use. The use of the Site implies the acceptance of the Conditions of Use.


The Service is completely free for consumers who use the Site.

The Company could obtain a financial contribution from financial institutions for the presentation of new customers, without prejudice to the Company's objective to present to consumers products with economic conditions, with the same product characteristics, equal to or better than those normally obtainable directly from the companies supplying the products.


The Service is intended solely for personal use by consumers.

Any use for different purposes or methods is to be considered unauthorized. In particular, any request for money by anyone in connection with the use of the Service or obtaining funding through the Service is to be considered unauthorized.

In particular, it is specified that the use of the Site for professional purposes is not authorized and does not justify any request for compensation from the Company, the lending financial institutions, or the end customer.

Any automatic use and / or "scraping" of the site is also forbidden without prior written authorization from this Website, without prejudice to automatic navigation by the "spiders" of general search engines.


The user acknowledges and acknowledges that all information, data, software and any other content present on the Site (the "Contents") are the exclusive property of the Company, as well as any licensors of these entities.

The user does not have or acquire any rights to the Contents and / or ownership of the Site, except for the right to use the Site pursuant to these Terms of Use.

The user is authorized to print and / or download the Contents for personal use only.


For the purposes of providing the Service, the Company may collect and process the user's personal data. The data collected will be processed in compliance with the current privacy provisions. In this regard, we invite you to carefully read the privacy policy.


The Company endeavors to guarantee the absolute confidentiality of the data provided by users, by covering the various aspects of security: the Site is protected by a firewall which blocks fraudulent access to any malicious persons; the transmission of data between the Site and the "browser" takes place on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with 256-bit encryption, which is currently the most secure and effective solution for the exchange of encrypted information between a "server" and a "Client" protecting the user from interception, decryption and counterfeiting of all information transmitted; the security that the user is really communicating their information to the Company and not to others is guaranteed by the “extended validation” digital certificate issued by one of the main primary certification authorities on the Internet.


The Company is not liable for any damages that may derive from the Service provided, except in cases of willful misconduct and gross negligence.


The Company reserves the right to make changes to these Terms of Use at any time, to adapt them to legislative and regulatory changes or to any changes to the Service itself. Notwithstanding that any substantial changes to the Service may be notified to users of the Site, the most recent version of the Terms of Use can be found on this page, which we invite you to consult with regularity.